“The Mysterious Village”
Season 1, Episode 1
Air Date

October 10, 2014 (UK)
October 17, 2014 (US)


Bede Blake


Chris Cottam

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Episode 1 of Evermoor .


Tara: What do I remember? Green hills, Crooked houses on narrow streets, no traffic,blue skies, swans. Swans? Focus Tara. It hasn't changed; since that summer when I was little still miles from anywhere, still crooked and green and- huh, (A group of Everines- in- training is seen) I don't remember that.

( Sorcha just stares at the Crossley's car)

Tara: I remember my great Aunt Bridget tell me that this place was special and she was right. The perfect place for my Mom to write her next book. Big enough for me and my brother, and... our step family. What do I remember? I remember thinking I'd never see it again and now I live here. Evermoor.

(the whole family gets out of the car)

Tara: Just like I remember... full of stories

Seb: Like you?

Rob: It is a writer's dream.

Fiona: Just the way you described it Tara.

Jake: She didn't say in the middle of nowhere

Tara: Trust me you'll love it here.

Bella: (sarcastically) I hate it here!

Rob: Out of the car Bella.

Tara: Come on Bella, we're back in England. Since Rob married Mom that's all you talked about.

Bella: I'm from London, Tara. (Seb rolls his eyes) This isn't England this is (Unknown)

Rob: We may be 6 months late but I am going to carry my bride over the threshold

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  • This is the First Episode of the Series .
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